Baoyuan company in the fertile Pearl River Delta, convenient transportation after years of hard development is to develop into a set of yarn dyeing, knitted denim and other production services of modern large-scale textile enterprises, the company with a new marketing idea, excellent product quality , Sincere service, won the praise of the majority of households. One of the company's production of knitted denim series of products with delicate lines clear
    Denim and elastic denim fabric some ..
    On the denim and stretch denim fabric some of the instructions, a focus on ..
    Discussion on the Material Missile P..
    Through the analysis of the quality problems in the application of spandex high-elastic denim fabric, it is found that the shrinkage rate of high lati..
    Special indigo blue denim fabric
    "Ultra Indigo" dyed denim has two characteristics: the depth of dyeing is particularly deep and the color fastness is particularly good. The former re..